Saturday, December 13, 2008

Remember how I told you that I had to finish that Natural Disasters class in four days? Well, I got the results back today and after all the stress and heartache I got a B!!! I did not even think I was going to pass and I got a B!!! Oh on a side note, I got an A in my Family Finance class.

Grace and I went down to Temple Square last night to see the Christmas lights. It was amazing and INCREDIBLY crowded. I have never seen so many people down there, and I have even been down there for Conference!!! It was fun we parked down at The Gateway, wandered through there a bit, watched the water show at the olympic plaza fountain and then headed up to the Temple. It was beautiful and there were people everywhere, I wished that I had opted for the baby sling instead of the stroller because manuvering around all those people was insane! We quickly walked through and then headed back to the mall because Grace's hands were freezing and she was getting pretty tired!!! I tried to keep her hands wrapped up under the blanket she was wrapped up in but she refused. We had a very good time and really enjoyed seeing the lights. It was the first time in a VERY long time that I had been down to see the lights.
We woke up to snow this morning and I have decided that I really need to invest in a new snow shovel because the one I have is awful and I should probably also buy salt. I hate snow, yes its pretty to look at but its a pain in the neck to have to deal with. Grace is fascinated by it. She sat in the front room and watched it fall while I was out attempting to scrape it off my car and get myself dug out. I'm afraid that winter is here to stay.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Grace and I headed out to my parents house today to take some holiday photos. Grace is wearing my first pair of Ruby Slippers!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 Months Old

Grace is 10 months old today, and she's wearing 18month size clothes!! I never imagined that my little tiny baby, whose skin was too big for her when she was born just ten short months ago would get to the point where she would be double the size she is "supposed" to be in. She's HUGE! And she's getting another tooth! She's been having a hard time with it, fever and runny nose AGAIN! I feel so bad for her and am doing as much as I can to keep her comfortable. She's a pretty good sport about the whole thing though.

Doesn't she look so CUTE? She's learning so quickly and she's starting to try to pull herself up so she is standing next to the couch and she loves to crawl on top of me when I'm down on the ground playing with her.

Grace and I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately trying to come up with something new and wonderful, unfortunately the only thing I have really seceded in is making a mess and catching my oven on fire, TWICE! I did come out of the disaster today with a pretty decent Orange Chocolate Cake that my neighbors said was pretty good. Grace and I also sat down and watched Wall-e last night. She actually watched it and was fascinated! Now I want to watch Hello Dolly!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

For instance, I took a look at my Geology class last week and double checked a few things and found out that it was not due at the end of NEXT week it was due YESTERDAY... so the past few days of my life have been spent pouring over a text book on natural disasters and attempting to retain enough information from the nineteen assignments I had to do to take FOUR exams all in three days! Go me!

Grace is getting bigger everyday it seems and she is starting to pull her self up and now when you hold her hands she will take steps!!! That's what I get for letting her socailze with kids her own age that can walk!!!

I can hardly believe its already Decemeber!!! Grace and I have been to the park almost everyday this week taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, although it was rather chilly today.

Grace and I are getting ready for the holidays, the wreath is hanging on the front door, the tree is up and decorated beautifully (thanks Mom and Anna!) the nativities are out one for me and one for Grace (her's she can chew on and be completely happy) and of course my menorah is up :) Now its time to start gathering addresses so we can start sending out cards. That should be fun to include the letter about how our year went... Rolling my eyes... this should be interesting.