Sunday, July 27, 2008

Green Beans

Well since Grace is almost five and a half months old I decided that it was probably about time to begin introducing some new "food" to her, obviously this does not count the buggles, soda, and cotton candy that Grandpa and other various family members sneak her. She has been having rice cereal for more than a month and a half now so I opted for a veggie, and everything I have read said to give her green ones because they are not as sweet as other ones... (boring I know) so I bought some green beans (peas are next!) Looking at the pictures it does not look like she got much in her mouth does it?
Do you think she liked them?
<------Is this a sign?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time for a Change

I know you have all been waiting to see when I would finally loose it and do "something" to my hair... well the wait is finally over! After weeks of contemplation... or minutes, I'm not really sure... I opted to go RED which I am sure surprises no one seeing as its generally my "shock and awe" color. I have not "done anything" to my hair since Grace was born (well a perm but that didn't take so well) and I thought it was time to have some fun! Grace LOVES it... she giggles and laughs when I shake my hair at her. I think its fun and its so bright and cheery and really who else do you know that could pull off such a bold color other than me? I make this look GOOD!

Grace is getting so BIG! I think its about time to change from size two diapers to size THREE! I can hardly believe that she is growing so fast! Its like she sprouts over night and is HUGE when she wakes up the following morning.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Idol Worship

What a couple of days!

As many of you know Grace and I were HUGE American Idol fans this last season, never missed a show! Because my cousin Brooke was on and did quite well actually Top 5! She is amazing and currently on tour with the American Idols. They had a two day stop in SLC and lucky us Grace and I got to run down on Monday before Brooke had to be at the venue and get to visit with her for a couple of hours. It was so great to get to catch up with her and her wonderful husband, Dave. It was so much fun to get to see her and just hang out. They were both very impressed with Grace and kept telling me she was so beautiful and that it was crazy that I was a mom, I agreed full heartedly. We went to lunch and I was amazed at how many people recognized Brooke. (Dave was such a good sport.) It was so very cool to watch people's faces light up when they realized who she was and then contemplate whether or not they should approach her or not. I think its funny that people look at her like a star but what I think is really funny is that I know exactly how they feel to be "star struck" not necessarily with Brooke (she's always been a star to me) but in general. Brooke is still Brooke and in her own words she is still "a big goober".
Tuesday Grace got to spend the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house while I went down to SLC for the show. Anna and I had amazing seats we could reach out and touch the stage! I have NEVER had seats that were that good to any concert I have EVER been to! Everyone was very good my favorite performance of the night was Brooke's of course but Michael Johns and the two David's most definately deserve honorable mention at least!

Brooke being the most awesome cousin that she is swung it so we got passes to the "aftershow" and we were able to get autographs with everyone and pictures as well. Everyone was VERY nice and I enjoyed getting to talk to a few of them. David Cook was very personable and had a good sense of humor and seemed to be very comfortable in his own skin, as weird as that may sound. His performance, was incredible! He is definitely an entertainer, he played the crowd as well as he played his guitar, and he got into it and seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. Anna actually caught a pick that he threw out into the crowd and I told her she will be lucky if she "gets" to keep it. I may have to go after her for that. :-)

Chikezie was AWESOME! He was such a ladies man, and when he talked to you he made you feel like you were the only person in the room. *sigh*
Michael Johns was such a goof ball just watching him interact with other people made me laugh. His performance was so enjoyable he got the crowd up out of their seats and brought everyone to their feet with his rendition of We Will Rock You and Dream On. Fantastic! And in case you are wondering he is even more attractive in real life! Now my favorite part of the evening was after all the stuff was over and we got to meet Brooke back at the hotel. *Watching everybody get off the bus was interesting, David Cook stopped and grabbed a can of something out of his bag and shook it up as Jason Castro got off the bus he pounced, silly string EVERYWHERE and in Jason's dreds very very funny and Jason was a pretty good sport about it. David Archuletta and his Dad were very nice and Archie is such a sweetheart and YES he really is as nice as he seems!) Just getting to hang out with Brooke for the better part of two hours was the best part of the night. It was so much fun to just sit around with the family and get to hear all the buzz and get her take on the way her life has changed. She is still the same ole' Brookie which is exactly what we all love about her! She humored us by signing autographs for us and a few friends that we promised them too and we even got a picture with her as we were leaving, we were all so tired at that point but we smiled nonetheless. Just Us "Goobers"
Anna and I didn't get home until almost four AM! I was so exhausted and so very grateful that my parents were so helpful in taking care of Grace. I can now say I
"Partied like and WITH rock stars!" I had so much fun, a once in a lifetime experience and not one I will soon forget.