Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ordinary Life

My wonderful friend Chelsea came over to my parents house yesterday morning with her two little boys. We talked and visited for a while while the boys played in the sandbox and Grace sat in the swing. She was perfectly content just sitting in it. She's a great people watcher, every once in a while she would want a little push but other than that she was completely happy. 
After a while we decided we were all getting rather hungry so we headed off to Chelsea's house in Millville and made lunch.  Doesn't it look happy? (I was cracking eggs into a bowl so we could make a fritata and this is  happened about half way through and neither one of us could stop laughing.) 
 Grace and I returned home so I could get ready for work and she could go down for a nap. I set her down in the front room for a moment and when I came back I could not resist snapping a quick picture of my perfect little model baby. She's so much fun and I wish I could capture the sound of her growling for you all. Its hilarious she just sits there and grrrrs! at you if she is in a good mood.  

I worked from 3:45 till 12:30 yeah that was a ton of fun. *rolling my eyes* everyone I worked with was in a grouchy mood and I was  at a different store than I was used to so things were a bit frustrating but I survived and will be glad when those extra hours show up on my check. It was a very long day though. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wheels Keep on Turning

Tuesday afternoon Grace, Clark and I jumped in my car and headed down to Vernal. Why? Because we could that's why! Also Clark is really wanting to get a job down there working in the Oil Industry because the pay is amazing, yes the work is hard but he can do it! I also wanted to go down and see what Vernal looked like.  Clark was in charge of the music and muchies and since I was the driver he climbed in the back with Grace to help keep her entertained. He did a wonderful job she only slept for the first little part of the drive which was her naptime anyway and then kept her awake until we were just about to pull into Vernal.  It was a 4+ hour drive but it was beautiful the entire way. You get to see all the vast landscapes that Utah has to offer in the drive, Mountains, Desert, Redrock and Forest... its pretty amazing. 

When we got to Vernal we stopped to visit with a friend of mine for a 
bit which was the highlight of the trip (well to me it was) Grace woke up shortly after we arrived and after puking all over Clark and then doing the same to me she ate a little bit and fussed a little so we decided the best way to get her back to sleep was to get back in the car, my friend, offered to show us around Vernal --at 10:30pm not much to see not going to lie except there is a pink dinosaur--
and took us to the only place that was open that late for dinner. McDonalds- and for being such a small town their McDonalds was pretty fancy! it had a 4 lane ordering system and the people that take your order aren't even in the McDonalds they are at a call center in Colorado! He also pointed out places Clark should apply to in the mornin
g if he was really interested in getting a job.

After the tour we  headed off to the local Motel 6... Th
at was fun let me tell you! I'm sleeping in my car next time.  My phone rang at 7:30am the next morning and it was my neighbor calling to tell me that their water heater had exploded and had flooded my apartment. Trying to fix a flooded apartment for 250 miles away was so much fun I was on the phone for the better part of the morning.  I drove Clark around Vernal to the few places he remembered that he should apply to and then we headed back home. I was dreading returning to my apartment not really something I wanted to deal with.

 The drive home seemed eternal... for me at least.
 Do you think it bothered Clark?

Just outside of Ogden Clark took over driving responsibilities and I climbed in the back with Grace. Would you believe at this point and time  she had been in her car seat with minimal adventures out (two changes of diapers) for almost five hours? She was such a good sport and was so happy for the better part of our entire adventure. 
 When we finally did pull into home I immediately wanted to turn around and go back to that Motel 6! My apartment was soaked. Luckily my wonderful neighbors had pulled my stuff out and laid it out to dry and pulled things out of the front room so they were not being dripped on anymore. The company that had been called to fix the mess left 5 fans and a dehumidifier to attempt to suck up and out the moisture that remained in the apartment.  My ceilings has spots all over it from where the water was dripping the carpet has been torn up pad removed and the fans are attempting to dry the carpet. They still aren't sure whether or not they will be able to save the carpet but luckily the only thing I know that I have lost lost are the copies of my bills.. (aw... rough huh?) There are a few things that will have some damage but I will survive. Its the waiting for things to dry out before I can put things back together that is the hardest part.  What do you think of the new layout of the kitchen? It will make eating that much more comfortable but... the question is HOW do I make anything?