Saturday, April 5, 2008

What A Week!

Grace is starting to smile more often! I caught the very tail end of this one with the camera, as she practices her grin more often I hope to get MORE pictures. Lots has happened this week, Grace's hair is starting to fill in on top, and the fringe is starting to lighten up. Maybe she will be a blonde like me?

Grace and I had the opportunity to go down to Ogden with my family to the "sneak preview" of a new restaurant The Sonoran Grill on Tuesday. Its located in the newly revitalized historic district of Ogden less than a block from the Ogden temple. The restaurant was still obviously going through its last minute tweakings the lighting in the room we were in was construction lighting, the door had a fairly large gap at the bottom of it causing a VERY chilly draft to pass under it and nearly froze us out. However, the food was entertaining with chips brought out as full tortillas that you had to break up yourself ,three different kinds of salsa to try, a green tomatillo which had a fresh cold slightly crunchy texture, a red roasted pablano salsa that was lacking in tomatoes and had an interested after taste, and a hablano pepper salsa that was served warm and was very HOT spicy heat wise. The drinks were also fun, Mom had a hibiscus tea drink that tasted like drinking flower blossoms eck! and the rest of us tried the pomagranite juice which was wonderful, very sweet. Appetizers were fun, quesadillas with mexican cheese, and two different kinds of ceviche one with crab and the other shrimp both surprisingly delicious. Dinner was very good, I had steamed salmon with fresh refried black beans that were amazing, with fried plantains served atop a beautiful green banana leaf. Mom had taco salad with steak that the waitress told us was left over from the night before (hum... not something I would want to broadcast) Dad and Brandy had the tri-tip steak and Anna had the Airline chicken (apparently since it was a chicken breast served with the wing still attatched its called airline chicken, not because its something that you would get mid flight during the movie) served atop a stuffing like dish that was very limey and used tortillas as the bread, it was pretty great! Dessert was our choice between flan and churros. We all got one or the other and tried each others dessert, the Flan was beautiful but since I am not a fan of flan I did not enjoy it but the churros were pretty good they were served with chocolate sauce and the most interesting fresh marshmallows i have ever tried. Homemade marshmallows are such a treat but these had the most unusual aftertaste, come to find out they were PRICKLY PEAR flavored how odd? All and all dinner was fun and we did not feel like we were being rushed through our meal and it was an enjoyable experience, Grace had fun too she was passed around the table throughout dinner and she looked adorable, she debued her yellow Daisy dress and it was a smash hit! (Pictured below)

Grace and I have spent much of the week going back and forth between Logan and Hyrum to visit with Grandma and Grandpa White . We ran out on Thursday night and I ended up making dinner ( Mom and Dad were too hungry to figure out what to make ) while Grandpa read to Grace, funny little cardboard books (a gift from Grandma) that are cut out in the shape of various animals and Grandpa being the goofball he is tended to make the stories even funnier than they were. Grace LOVED IT!

Aunt Anna came over on Friday after she got off work and very kindly watched Grace for Nate and I so we could go on a Date. We went to dinner with our friends Shawn and Melissa and then to a movie, when we returned Grace had her tiny little toes painted BRIGHT RED, she looks beautiful! (Click on the picture and you will be able to see her toes better.)
Grace and I watched the first session of General Conference today and she zonked about halfway through, she's a quick study.

We love you and will add more at later date.