Monday, March 31, 2008

More Pictures

What's up?

"My demands? One Billion dollars!"

Big Beautiful Eyes!

Also if you click on the photo you get a full size image of it, that fills the screen.

Quiet Moments

"What? I'm supposed to be in charge of the blog? I don't think so Mom!"

I find myself with a few quiet moments this afternoon. Nate is still sleeping and Grace is down for a nap. I have a load of laundry going and the rest of the house is pretty well put together so I thought I would update the blog and then perhaps take a nap myself.

Mudd sent me a text this morning and wonder of wonders I was awake, feeding Grace of course, why else would i be awake in the morning? Anyway she wanted to know if I would like to go to JoAnn's to get some flannel which was on SALE for two bucks a yard! Wohoo! I told her I would love to so after Grace fell asleep Mudd swung by to pick me up and since I'm going to be a domestic diva/wicked awesome mommy if it kills me I decided that I would get some flannel. I'm learning to crochet and since I am working on developing this new skill I am going to attempt to put edges around various things ie baby blankets, burp rags and bibs so the fabric will come in handy, I got enough to do a blanket bib and burp cloth for Grace and one for my friends baby boy as well. I figure at least I will have lots to keep me busy.

Grace woke up this afternoon shortly after I got home in a good mood and was not demanding that I feed her immediately she seemed just content to know that I was home and close by. But if i walked out of her sight she was NOT happy but since she was in such a good mood I decided to snap some pictures of her while she was agreeable.

I LOVE this picture! She was giving me a big smile but my camera wasn't fast enough so I only got the tail end of it. Still adorable though.

I have posted more pictures on photobucket for those of you that want to check the link is:

Love and Hugs

Saturday, March 29, 2008


What a day!

Grace seems to be hitting a growth spurt and a "don't put me down!" phase all at the same time. She has also been running a slight fever on and off all day, nothing to be too concerned about but I'm pretty sure that has something to do with the clingyness we have been dealing with today.

Nate had quiet an experience today, he gave Grace a bath ALL BY HIMSELF! Neither one of them were too happy about it but I figured it was better to finally get it over with, Grace is seven weeks old now its about time Daddy give her a bath! And since Grace no longer fits in the kitchen sink (she's too long) they took the new baby bath for a test drive. They both survived and are no worst for the wear however after such a trying event they were both worn out!

Nate treated me to dinner tonight, I didn't have to do a thing, he fried chicken (from scratch!) and made au gratin potatoes ! And I did not have to go into the kitchen once to help! It was a welcomed break. I was busy feeding Grace and trying to soothe her while he was doing it but it was nice to have one less thing to worry about.

Since Nate was so great and made dinner I did the dishes, he took Grace and when I walked back into the front room to check on them this is what I found.

I was half temped to curl up next to them but there was no room!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Its been quite a week. I had my gallbaldder out on Wednesday and boy have I been exhausted since then! Apparently its pretty common to have to have your gallbladder out after having a baby, it was not fun but I am doing much better now. Hurray!

Clark finally got his Eagle and his Eagle court of honor was on Friday and since many family members were going to be here and we didn't know when we could get everyone together again Nate and I decided it would be a good idea to bless Grace that night as well. Other than the fact that she was getting blessed, it was really special because Grace got to wear the dress that her Grandma White was blessed in, she looked so beautiful and her Daddy did a wonderful job!

Nate and Grandpa White shortly after the blessing. Grammy White holding Grace prior to the blessing, she was showing her friends how beautiful the blessing dress was! It was HUGE on Grace but we figured that Grammy was probably not only eight pounds when she was blessed! Take notice of Grace's beautiful shoes, she wore ruby slippers, I bet you can't guess whose idea that was... he he he.

Easter was a fun day, we went to Grammy and Grandpa White's and we had Deviled Eggs and Ham... of course! It was wonderful and lots of fun to get to spend Easter together as a family.