Friday, August 28, 2009

Where Does The Time Go

Miss Grace is growing up so fast. I don't know how this has happened! I am not going to say like it seems like just yesterday I brought her home because that seems so long ago so much has happened in our lives since that day almost 19 months ago but I am going to say that I don't know how I made it through twenty three years without her.

She amazes me every single day. We have recently figured out that her curls are now long enough to stretch back into a pony tail. This is in my humble opinion a major mile stone. Poor Grace will probably be sporting a pony tail from now on.

She is so good at holding relatively still while I do do her hair, she does however like to reach up and "help" me with it but if I give her something to keep her hands occupied she's usually pretty good. I even sing to her while doing her hair like my mom did for me, in fact on the rare occasion that my mom is doing something to my hair i.e. braiding it, she will sing "Chin up" from the old animated Charlotte's Web and that's exactly what I sing to Grace and she loves it!

I don't know when my baby turned into a little girl but she's not so small anymore. She's going to nursery and she started going to a babysitter on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I'm in class and she helps me watch the babysitter's daughter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She's saying more words now too. The other night after our shower while I was drying her off and getting her jammies on I was telling she was a pretty girl, she repeated pretty 4 times and once she was ready for bed she stood up on the changing table, put a hand on either side of my face, looked at me and said, "Pretty Mommy." That's pretty much the high point of my week.

Something Missing

I have been flipping through the radio stations a lot more than normal lately. Maybe because the commercials are making me restless or maybe I'm already restless but needless to say I have not been completely locked into the local Country station lately, I have been sneaking around with the pop/hiphop/rap station and even sometimes the OLDIES station! {gasp} I profess to enjoy all kinds of music that has never been a secret but lately I have been feeling like something has been lacking in my music listening life maybe its because I have only been so locked into country for the last few years that I have felt severely out of touch with all other forms of music. I used to be able to flip on ANY radio station and be able to tell you who was singing and now much to my chagrin that's getting harder.

It couldn't possibly be becasue I am a full time mom, student and part time photographer but with a recent visit from a seriously musically inclined and uber talented cousin I have decided its time to expand my music repitore and while flipping through the stations today I found what has been missing in my life. Check this out to know what it is.

I am regressing folks and you know what that's totally okay.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

True Blue Through and Through

I survived!
I made it through my first day of classes. I am not so scared anymore but man, I don't remember there being so much READING assigned in ANY of my classes. I am looking forward to all my classes and the whole being on campus is so surreal, the freshmen all look like they are about 16! Its horrifying and holy cow $120 for a book seriously! I get to play the game but I am back and ready to knock out this semester so I can get on my way to graduation!
Grace seemed to survive her time with my friend that is watching her. She was so excited to see me and MUCH in need of a nap. I think we might both need some time to adjust to this new schedule. Speaking of schedule, I'm going to be trying to get to be before midnight now... We'll see how well that goes. But hey its 11:30 and I'm ready for bed and surprise I am EXHAUSTED!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Update

Grace discovering Jackie's hammock hat she got for her birthday. She had so much fun.

While I was busy shooting Jackie's senior portraits Grace was busy playing in the water with Jackie's mom and dog. She had Such a great time.

I start school tomorrow. I'm horrified. I'm going to be on campus full time for the first time in FOUR that's right count 'em 1....2....3....4 YEARS! I'm horrified. Wish me Luck!

Friday, August 14, 2009


So Grace has destroyed yet another phone. I just can't seem to freaking win! This is the second phone this week.. I found this one... IN THE FISH TANK!!!!

I am NOT a happy camper.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fair!

My Friend Tyler enjoying proof that there is a God and he does in fact love us.
Funnel Cake

The sweet smell of hay, fresh straw, and cattle
mixed with
the uber intoxicating aromas of
everything fried.
Corn Dogs, Scones, Oreos, Twinkies and FUNNEL CAKES!!
Add in the sounds of local want to be singers and
All the various farm animals noises,
a veritable cornucopia of Old MacDonald verses.

I always look forward to the first weekend in August.
The fair is always at the top of my favorite things to do in the summer,
right up there with watching the meteor shower.
(Which is going to be this coming Wednesday)

It was unseasonably cool this weekend.
Seriously our HIGH yesterday was 66 degrees! That's insane! But I bundled up (aka put a sweater on) Grace and off we went to our third round of fair fun.
Hey admission is free and getting to walk around make fun of silly animals and people watch is always fun!
I ran into people I haven't seen in YEARS
and some that I hope I won't seen for YEARS to come.
This is the LARGEST horse in the West...Jack.
Seriously he's 21 hands high, that's 6 foot 4 inches folks and that's just to his SHOULDER!
I have NEVER in my whole life seen an animal that size, well not one that didn't belong at the zoo I mean. This is just draft horse, but he is HUGE!

Not only does the livestock fascinate me but so do the very random displays
one of my very favorite is the barn that houses the city displays/mosaics made out of BEANS!
That's right folks this little work of art is comprised completely of beans and seeds.
Make sure you enter the DUCK derby.
You know you are just dying to win that mini dirt bike prize!

In addition to the wildlife there are the Carnival Rides.
Now keep in mind that ALL of these rides FOLD down
disassemble and fit on the back of semi trucks.
That in its own right kept me from even wanting to ride.
Okay well also the fact that I am CHICKEN
There was also no chance I was going to shell out $5
for a 3 minute ride on the rickety old Ferris Wheel
that since taking the picture is well on its way to the next town.

I am always sort of sad when the fair rolls around because its the beginning of the end of summer.
Yet, I still find myself looking forward to it every year.


What color would you say her hair is?

Just Me and My Shadow

Why would you need an imaginary friend when you have a perfectly good shadow?

Grace tried to give her shadow a hug.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Little IT Girl

Do you think SHE could do my homework?