Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas is coming to a close at our house tonight.

Grace is {finally} sleeping in her bed. Her head resting on her new Bumble Bee pillow pet (thank you Grandma Nancy) whilst donning her new Disney Princess pajamas (thank you elves Anna & Brandy) she made quite the hall this year. More toys and clothes than she knows what to do with but she had a blast! (Fur real kitten, a stuffed kitty, a stuffed puppy, coloring books, washable crayons, chalkboard, movies, clothing etc)

She had 3days of presents.

Nate and his wife came up on Thursday to play and have their Christmas celebration with Grace. She had a ball! Here she is dancing with Nate in her new outfit, she wears this beautiful tutu everywhere she goes.
Chase's dad Roger and his lovely wife Shelly came up Friday afternoon to visit and deliver presents. Watching Grace open gifts and watching everyone get down on the floor with her to help her color or do other various things was hilarious!

{This little girl definitely has EVERYONE wrapped around her little finger}

Christmas morning Grace came into our room to wake us up, after she got changed we were able to convince her to go see what Santa left. She has never really been a big fan of his so when she heard he had been to our house she was NOT interested in venturing out to the front room, but once we convinced her she was elated! She got a Disney Princess Kitchen and the funniest part about that is she also got a Zuzu pet (hamster) which she calls Mouse and she keeps him in her kitchen's oven.


Dana said...

Edit! You left out some.....

Kyle and EvaLyn said...

Sounds like you had a good Christmas...